Types of Window Displays

If eyes are the windows to the soul; then shop windows are just as revealing. They reveal the soul of the shop -Debra Templar

Closed Window Display

A window display that has a wall or floor to ceiling background located behind it. Keeping the window and store completely separate where the customer cannot see in the store through the windows.

Corner Window Display

A window display that showcases the products from two different sides. The display is located on a corner spot therefore customers can see merchandise from two angles instead of one.

Elevated Window Display

A window display that is always higher than the level of the ground.  It can be a raised shelf or even table that showcases the merchandise selling as the focal point of the display. Signage is also used to showcase the merchandise in an appealing manner to the consumer.

Island Window Display

This type of display is normally seen in department stores due to the fact it takes up quite a lot of square footage. Allows the store to showcase a variety of products and ensure the customers see them and in turn purchase those items.

Open-Back Window Display

A window display that has no back or walls of any kind except the glass windows protecting the display. The inside of the store is seen from outside the store with lots of natural light within the store.

Semi-Closed Window Display

A window display that has some form of backing or wall partition that separates the window display from the store.

Shadowbox Window Display

A window display that has a box no larger than 3 x 3 showcasing a particular item the store wants to focus on at eye level for the consumer. These displays are added to a window display or in the building itself.