Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Visual Merchandising sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand. One would expect that since you are trying to entice customers to purchase from you that those in merchandising do not care for the environment and social responsibility. However that is not the case, when creating a piece of work that is trying to visually appease people making your consumer know you care about your carbon footprint and sustainability is vital to the success of any business. 

What is Social Responsibility?

When businesses act in favor of maintaining the environment and work cohesively with other businesses in order to maintain the same goal of a healthy planet for years to come.

What is Sustainability? 

It is the means of creating and manufacturing clothing in a manner that benefits both those now and for generations to come by reducing the impact it has on the environment. 

How can a business maintain a positive sense of social responsibility? What is one thing we all can do to help us grow and maintain a sustainable future?

This is the era of change and “going green.” Companies worldwide are working together to continue to push forward to a more eco-friendly and efficient society. Aware of the effects of our actions in terms of not only immediate effects but those that will come later in life when our children’s children are running the world. 

When working as a business that is aware of the social responsibility the key points to focus on and encourage not only within your business but also with those you do business with are engaging in the following:

  • Work with charities: work to help others
  • Maintaining a low carbon footprint
  • Fair Trade products
  • Ensure that you are taking care of your employees: Update policies and procedures to ensure employee happiness and growth with your company
  • Volunteer
  • Work / Invest in environmentally conscious businesses

Ensuring that you run your business in a manner that gives back to others and also reduces one’s carbon footprint is vital to ensure that our planet will be able to survive and work to its fullest for years to come. 

Eco friendly practices such as emailing customers receipts, using eco friendly fixtures, becoming an eco friendly store, and carrying sustainable fashion.

Sustainability in Retail

​​When it comes to retail theres multiple ways businesses apart from the items above are taking part in the importance of sustainability. Businesses willing to become green is becoming a common thing.

importance of sustainability in retail

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What are some key aspects of sustainability in fashion retail? 

Aspects of sustainability in fashion retail is use of sustainable fashion and clothing. This is done by utilizing raw materials, using less water, lessening the use of fossil fuels, recycling old clothing and supply chain advancements. Each one of these plays a vital part in maintaining sustainable fashion and sustainable clothing.   

The last way in which businesses can maintain sustainability in fashion retail is by changing their brick and mortar locations into eco friendly retail stores. What does this entail?  The utilization of eco friendly retail fixtures, eco friendly display stand, and eco friendly retail displays.

What are eco-friendly retail fixtures? 

In retail there are varieties of fixtures used to showcase merchandise and products to the end consumer. However now companies are taking that extra step in their business to ensure they are using eco friendly products and materials in order to create sustainable retail fixtures. Fixtures include, shelving, tables, signage, packaging, as well as hangers however; it is not limited to just these items.

Eco Friendly Fixture Companies


Below a company called Dandelion manufactures sustainable retail fixtures that maintain environmental awareness for both businesses and consumers. Some of the materials used to create these fixtures are cork board, cardboard, bamboo, repurposed plastic and reclaimed wood however it is not limited to just these types of materials. Below you will see a a table, peg board, and collapsible sign holder made by the company Dandelion.

Bishop Fixture

Another company that creates eco friendly an sustainable fixtures is the company Bishop Fixture. Bishop is a USA made and women owned company that creates corporate fixtures for businesses such as Banana Republic, Burt’s Bees, Eddie Bauer, UGG, Target, Tesla and Williams Sonoma just to name a few. They design and create all their own products to create custom metal, wood and solid surface pieces for commercial retail, grocery and various other businesses. Their supply chain management system is crucial in their maintaining their sustainable business strategies.

Below are examples of the types of sustainable fixtures Bishop creates for their clients.

Banana Republic

Burt’s Bees

Eddie Bauer