Where To Find Inspiration For Retail Visual Merchandising Ideas 

Retail is a huge industry that has the potential to make a retail store owner unlimited amounts of money. When it comes to succeeding in retail, it’s important to attract as many potential customers as possible, since you will not be successful without plenty of customers. One thing that attracts customers is a visually alluring store front when it comes to merchandising. Here is an overview that can help you to find inspiration for the perfect retail visual merchandising ideas so your retail business can become more successful than you ever thought possible.

What exactly is merchandising?

Merchandising is the engagement of promoting, displaying and selling the products that are in your store. Visual merchandising involves emphasizing the special features of each of your products that are on retail display. It is important to promote your brand name in order to really get your name out there and known, and this is where strategic planning comes into place. 

How do you plan and implement an effective visual merchandising plan?

First of all, you need to imagine that you are a prospective customer walking past your store. What would you want to see that would attract you enough to make you go inside to explore? Write down those things and incorporate them into your plan. Don’t be afraid to get ideas from others, either. This can help you to create the most effective visual retail display, as well.

Allow visualization to be your guide

You should also take some time to visualize how your display will look before actually creating it. Draw a diagram if you’re able to. However, if you’re not good at drawing, then simply stick to the diagram in your mind, which can be just as effective.

Creating your retail display

When planning your display, if you have a number of products, only choose a few of the most special ones to display. Your display will take several things into consideration, including color, the positioning of your specific products, lighting, and more. Don’t be an amateur merchandiser and minimize the importance of all these aspects, because all of these keys work together to create the perfect display.

The importance of proper color

Dark, drab colors aren’t eyecatching and likely won’t attract the customers that you desire. However, every display will depend on your specific products, and darker colors might more effectively represent it. However, brighter and light colors are often more appealing, often attracting more customers regardless of the specific product. Vivid colors are eye catching and memorable, and making your display memorable is one thing that you want to do.

Proper lighting is essential

Lighting is extremely important regardless of what you’re displaying, and it’s about as important as the location of your retail store. Of course, you’re aware that the wrong location could be the death of your business, and this is true with lighting, as well. When your prized items are on display, you want to have them appropriately highlighted by the adequate lighting in the right areas, because only then will your prospective customers be able to notice the special qualities of what you have to offer. 

Why use merchandising?

There are many benefits to using merchandising when building a retail visual merchandising display, and one of the main benefits is that it will drive in significantly more money. Due to the fact that merchandising promotes bigger and better sales, this will obviously reflect on the amount of money that you can make. Merchandising enables you to allow the customers to look at your products from your perspective, which is why merchandising works so incredibly well. 

Another reason that many store owners use merchandising is to help them build their own brand. For instance, if your business involves the sale of homemade soap and you build a visual display of various scents of soap in beautifully-wrapped, colored packaging, then when your customers fall in love with your products, they also learn about your brand. They come to associate pleasant and naturally-scented bars of soap wrapped in beautiful, unique and colorful wrappers. This is also when adequate lighting comes in, as well, which can really emphasis the awesomeness of your products.

Top-notch customer service

Great customer service is another aspect of running a retail store that many retailers often underestimate. If you treat each and every customer in a warm and welcoming manner, then not only are they going to appreciate that and come back again in the future, but they’re also going to tell their friends.

Words can spread fast in a community, especially one that involves the purchasing of certain products. So, if you want to express customers, then ensure that you provide them with the utmost customer service, because current and former customers can be a great place of work-of-mouth advertising for your business.

The power of fresh, new inventory

By using merchandising, you can take advantage of the fact that you will always have fresh, new inventory available for your customers to love. Since  you will be selling an increased number of items, you will have to create bigger and better products to take their place. These new products will be fresh and new, enabling you to keep your customer’s interest. 

Never give up

If you create your first retail display and it doesn’t quite catch people’s attention, then you will likely need to make some important changes. It could be something as simple as adding new lighting so that you can emphasis the underside of a product so the customer will notice its greatness. If you tweak one thing and it still doesn’t work, don’t be shy about asking customers that come by what they do and don’t like about your display. Some of them may actually give you some good ideas. You should also visit other professional retail displays for inspiration, which can help you to discover how to make your display perfect.

Hopefully, this guide has enabled you to create and implement a very effective visual merchandising plan that will significantly increase the number of customers that are attracted to your displays. Of course, the more customers that are attracted to your visual displays, the higher the chances of them purchasing your products, which is what your ultimate goal is.

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