How to use acrylic effectively in visual merchandising 

Using acrylic displays to create a visual point of purchase locations throughout your store can help you increase sales. If you can imagine it, you can likely have it made from acrylic into displays that will draw your customers to the point of purchases that will drive sales. 

Displays can be seasonal, cultural, educational, or merely whimsical. The theme you want to convey can be executed with shapes and colors challenging to form from other materials. For example, acrylic displays are formed from tubes, flat sheets, and different shapes that allow you to design shapes and furnishings that would be difficult with other materials.

Resetting a store or setting a store up for the first time can be frustrating if you don’t have what you need to display your products appealingly. However, if you are just getting started, you want to furnish your store right from the start, and acrylic stands and displays will help with that endeavor.

Whether you sell cosmetics and perfume, cotton t-shirts, or potted plants, visual merchandising will help you sell your goods. Likewise, your other retail marketing techniques will help you meet your goals to increase your ROI. 

Visual merchandising techniques

Used for decades to drive sales, visual merchandising techniques have been proven effective. They will bring notice to your brand and offer your customers a unique shopping experience.

The colors you use should go along with your brand, or they can be aligned with the season or holidays. But, again, it’s your store and your choice of how you want to approach it. However, remember that acrylic displays come in colors to match your décor. 

Point of purchase displays can be physical, or they can be a virtual experience. For example, do you remember the K-mart blue light specials? That is a classic example of a point of purchase (POP) sales technique. In addition, there are acrylic units designed to display cosmetics and highlighted with direct lighting, which is also a point of purchase display.

How acrylic display stands help drive sales

Drawing your customer’s eye to items you want to sell is easier with pop displays designed for your needs. However, you know your product line, and competing against online sales, has become ever more difficult in a brick-and-mortar location. 

Acrylic store display stands—designed for your space

Not all retail space is created equally, and some stores are long and narrow, while others are wide and shallow. Filling the room with furniture, shelving, and wall and counter displays can be daunting. 

However, when you have a material as versatile as acrylic, your imagination is the only thing getting in the way of filling your retail space with creative displays. There are many premade acrylic display units that you can purchase ready-made. 

However, acrylic is a material that is easy to customize into shapes that will fit your space and your style. So, whether you need displays in a cosmetic store or a boutique selling vintage clothes, custom acrylic displays can be designed to fit your space.

Acrylic visual merchandising displays encourage point of purchase sales 

Lightweight and versatile, you can easily move acrylic displays from one location in the store to another. This ability lets you highlight the items you want your customers to notice the most. 

Product placement will direct the flow of your customers, and enticing them to move ever deeper into your store is the game plan. You can do this with visually appealing displays and product placement. 

Display designs to highlight your products

Acrylic displays can sit on the counter-top, tabletop, or shelf-top. On the other hand, you can have tables, floor, and wall shelves constructed from versatile materials into furnishings that highlight your brand. 

Acrylic is lightweight, durable, can be clear as crystal, or one of a multitude of colors or finishes. You can use it alone or with classical store furnishings to highlight the products you most want to sell.

Ways you can display your merchandise for the most appeal

You can use acrylic sparingly throughout your store or go wall to wall with this versatile material to highlight the products you sell. 

Use lighting along with your furnishings to attract your customer’s attention. Lighting can draw them toward what you want to sell. 

Transparent acrylic displays can give your store the appearance that it is larger than it is. This effect helps small spaces feel larger than they are. 

Use a brightly painted or decorated wall as a backdrop to display tables topped with products you want your customers to be drawn to view. Bright colors will attract their attention upon entrance and help draw them into the door.

There are several styles of retail display tables. When paired with acrylic display pieces, each will make your store more attractive.

  • Nesting tables – This type of display uses tables of different heights and shapes as a surface for product display. 
  • Tabletop tables – These displays can be acrylic or other materials and sit on a larger table to highlight a product. When used with directed lighting on the shelving, your customers will be drawn to your display to see what product deserves such fanfare.
  • Tiered display tables – A tiered display table has shelves that gradually get smaller as they rise upward. They often have three shelves and can be used alone or with other shelving on top of them. These tables can be round, rectangular or oval and are easy to access from all sides.
  • Moveable tables Moveable tables, combined with acrylic visual merchandising pieces, allow you to set up a point of purchase display on the fly. So, if you have recently purchased a hot item with a high-profit margin and want it to move, set it up on a table that moves.
  • Wall tables – used in clothing stores to draw customers to the perimeter for a more personal sales experience. Wall tables help keep your floor space clear and add visual appeal. Place them against a brightly colored background, and customers will be drawn to your product displays. 

Pair these furnishings with acrylic displays to add height and visual appeal to your products to satisfy your customers, which will increase your sales. 

Acrylic displays will help you drive sales.

The best way for you to sell your products is for your customers to be able to see them easily. Visual appeal will draw them in the direction you want them to go, so they can see all you have to offer. 

Selling your product takes more effort than opening a storefront. Visual appeal can draw customers to the door and give you a better opportunity to make a sale. You don’t want them to walk on by, so get their attention, and they will want to come in and see what you have going on. 

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