How to Display Products in a Retail Store 

If you are a business owner in the world of retail, you probably already know and understand the importance of investing some amount of your time and energy in retail product displays. These types of displays help draw customers to the products that are featured in each display while guiding their journey through your store as they shop. In essence, product displays are very important when it comes to merchandising strategy.

Even though many people are shopping these days through online channels, retail channels still remain one of the most important ways for people to shop, especially millennials who are used to picking out their own merchandise in person. This is why retail product display is just as important as the social media news feed for your business.

What are retail product displays?

The definition of a retail product display is really quite simple as it is the place or places in your store that will not only display the products you are selling but promote them as well. This is why the look and feel of a retail product display are so very important and will rely on your visual merchandising strategy. 

It is very important to create retail product displays that are eye-catching and provide some amount of information about the products in which they hold since it is the first interaction that many customers will have with that particular product within your store. You can create the retail product displays yourself or hire a visual merchandiser who can create the displays for you to showcase your products while seeing an increase in sales. 

Top Ways to Create Effective Product Display in Retail Store

When it comes to visual merchandising ideas, there are a variety of ways and things you can do to make your product displays stand out and draw the attention of your customers to them. You’re basically creating your very own silent salesperson that can be a great contributor to the overall sales revenue for your retail store. Keep in mind that many customers lead very busy lives and are, a lot of times, in a hurry when they come into a store so you only have about 10 seconds to draw their attention to certain products. Your ability or the ability of a visual merchandiser is to create product displays that will make a huge impact on customers is a very critical skill that you should learn and integrate into your business right away for increased sales and revenue.

Check out our detailed list below for ways in which you can create displays that get the attention they deserve.

Create a Theme

You can choose some type of theme to group certain related products together within a display. For instance, if you are creating a display for self-tanning lotion, you can find products that would naturally fit in with those types of products, such as the beach ball, beach towel, moisturizer, and sunscreen for adults as well as children. If you are creating a display for Christmas decorations, you could add in candy, cookies, and some other baked goods that may draw the customer’s attention to the many decorations you have in your display.

Lighting is Important

Having the proper accent lighting in your displays is very important because it creates a visual interest for your customers. Lighting also makes the feature products really stand out.

Change is Good

It’s a good idea to change up the displays that you have located in higher traffic areas of your store at least once a week so that customers have a reason to come back to your store so they can check them out and see what amazing, different or newer products you have on display.

Color Pops

Bright colors and neon colors seem to be noticed quicker by customers than more matted colors. Use brighter colors to draw your customers’ attention to products or services that you want to feature within your business. When you mix the pops of color in with proper lighting, it will create a great focal point for your customers when they walk into your store.

Price it Out and Short Messaging

Be sure to use very simple messaging and not too much verbiage within your displays but do be sure not to forget to put the price of the product on your display. If a customer does not see a price within the display, even if it is a well-dressed, beautiful display, they may assume that the item is not within their budget and not bother with it or they will be annoyed that they are forced to have to ask for assistance to find out the price of the item that is being featured in the display. This will cut down on impulse buying, which is not what you want to do when you are creating your product displays.

Clean and Neat

When you are doing a window display in a storefront for your business, be sure to pay attention to the outside of the store, the safety of the sidewalk and entrance, and the cleanliness of your sign, as well as windows, so that customers are not turned off by dirty fingerprints and other issues and will notice your display in the window.

Organized and Easy of Purchase

Be sure that your visual retail merchandise displays or at eye level with your customers so they don’t have to work as hard to see the products and they can reach them to pick them up and check them out and hopefully purchase them. You should definitely keep your displays as well as the entire store or business organized, spaced out correctly, and clean, and free of any hazards at all times.

When displaying products in a retail store ensure you are using proper display fixtures that showcase your products in the most effective manner possible. This makes the shopping process more enjoyable for the customer as well as increases the overall store revenue.

Hopefully, some of these tips have helped you with creating gorgeous retail merchandise displays for your store so that you soon see an increase in your overall sales revenue.

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