What are the 4 Basic Types of Displays?

Cross Mix of Items:

Cross mix of items is the manner in which one places the products and merchandise in relation to other products and merchandise that compliment the main merchandise the business is showcasing. By following this manner of display entices the consumer to purchase more merchandise from the business.

(Also known as Cross Merchandising)

Feature 1 Item:

One product as the main point of focus within a display. The in store or window display may show this one item the business wants to create focus on. The store will showcase this method with promotions, signage, and also products of the month.

(Also known as the Focus Product)

Related Products:

When it comes to related products it is best to showcase items together that relate to one another. This is based upon a common story or theme trying to be expressed. Utilizing this concept also aides in customers purchasing more from your business. An example of this is a salon showcasing various beauty products and accessories together.

Similar Products:

Known as products that are alike in manner however may be used in a different way. Such as they have similar functions and maybe overall design elements. However they are used differently or have a different outcome. In other they can be known as competitive products. Examples are various hair care lines and food lines.