In Store Display Ideas for Today’s Retailer 

Everyone loves a store that has their act together. Just go into any high-profile department store and you’ll see how things are all arranged to catch your eye. With the use of color, physical arrangement, and various types of props and furniture you can turn a neat store into hit parade in no time!

In store displays that pop are what you need to shoot for. You don’t want your retail display to look or feel ordinary. You want it to have lots of lines and curves, utilize the environment around it, and turn heads the moment they walk in. How do you do that?

We’ve come up with 17 unique ways to create amazing retail display areas that will draw your customers’ attention the minute they come inside your store. 

1. Hang ‘Em High!

What captures the attention of someone faster than something hanging? The eye is automatically drawn upward to the hanging item and people cannot avoid it. You can create hanging items like handbags and overnight bags, for example, simply by suspending them from the ceiling or a high point on the wall. Get some powerful adhesive hooks that you can install on the ceiling and hang your handbags from the ceiling or wall. Hang assorted colors reflective of the season you are in to increase seasonal buying!

If you have smaller retail items such as handmade soaps or lotions, consider placing several of them inside a large glass jar where people can reach in and get them. Reminiscent of the old-days candy stores, this is a cool trick of the mind to allow people to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Just remind them, that’s not a cookie and they shouldn’t eat it!

3. The Greeting Card Board

If you sell greeting cards or other types of stationery items, use a corkboard or bulletin board to display all of the cards in a unique, creative pattern. By showing a variety of cards in the open, it’s easier for customers to see how they look without having to fiddle around with all of them before making a selection and it just looks very inviting and friendly, which is what greeting cards are all about!

4. Selling from a Suitcase

You’ve heard the expression, “selling from a suitcase,” in reference to an on-the-road salesman who lives from his suitcase and has a suitcase full of items he sells as he goes from town to town. Well, if you are looking for great retail visual merchandising ideas, you can use old suitcases with clothes “falling out of it” to attract attention or men’s clothing items, ties, shirts, and more. Let’s see the everyday men’s clothing stores do something this artistic for their store displays!

5. Paint a Display Wall in a Different Color

To draw attention to a hot area of your store, paint an area in a different color like bright aquamarine or hot red. People who come into your store will be drawn to the retail display that you put in front of the wall. 

6. Similar Color Groupings

Some ideas for store displays are simple, but they work beautifully! Try grouping the colors of your items together and move from the darkest colors like red and brown to the lightest colors like light blue and yellow. The stark color contrast will catch visitors’ attention from the moment they walk in and they will want to move in closer to see what you have to offer. This is perfect for clothing retailers. 

7. Wax Museum

If you are a clothing retailer who uses manikins to sell your clothing items, use this to your advantage and create a “wax museum” look by putting the manikins behind glass to give the impression of a museum-type display. Show off your best suits and outfits on the manikins. For extra fun, have a real person walk around the store sporting one of the new outfits so people will get the impression that one of the manikins has come to life!

8. Large Spool Display

Do you sell sewing notions or tools? It’s not the only thing that can be displayed here. Using HYPERLINK “”  large spools that electric companies and others use for stringing out cable are ideal for a display location. It is not only unique, but it also allows the shopper to walk all the way around the display to see the various items. 

9. Bookshelf Displays

This type of display may have been done before but it can still be an innovative way to display a number of items. From dishes to jewelry, toys to clothing accessories, a bookshelf display allows the viewer to see everything at once and you can place the more prominent items you want to sell at eye level. Toys could be placed at the lower levels so kids and toddlers can look at them. There are many  HYPERLINK “” bookshelves created solely for retail displays but tend to be more expensive than purchasing a standard bookshelf. 

10. Glass cake containers

I bet you never heard of this one. That’s probably because I just thought of it. Those large glass cake containers with see-through tops would be perfect for things other than just food items. How about placing watches or jewelry under these with a studio light from above to put the spotlight on them? Put a nice velvet or felt cloth in black or dark blue inside before placing the items for added beauty and a rich look. 

11. Ceramic Bowls

Place discount or specialty items that you put on sale in small decorative glass bowls. This is an attractive way to present these smaller items like earrings or rings and allows the shopper to browse through different odds and ends in one place. 

12. Ladder with Boards

If you have lots of small items or clothing items to display, try setting up a  HYPERLINK “” ladder display with at least 3 boards lying across it at different levels. Then place clothing or jewelry and accessories across the boards. Paint the ladder in seasonal colors if you choose for added flair. 

13. Beach Towel Display

For summer sales like sunglasses, swimsuits, and beach wear, try the beach towel display idea. Throw a few bright fun colored towels out on a table and put the accessories and beach items on the towels. Get creative and add a plastic shovel and pail to put accessories in. Consider putting real sand in a small sandbox (easily constructed with 4 boards and an aluminum bottom and put wooden seagulls and boats in it to look authentic. Then display sunglasses on the side of the pails or in the sand for added fun. 


These are a few ideas you can try that have been successful in other stores. We also asked an interior designer and she said that type of display you put out there should embrace the type of items and store you have and the season it is. Let your displays reflect the time of year and colors that are popular during the time you put out the display, as well as the personality of your store and brand.

How you design your product display in retail store environments is up to you but remember to do what you think customers will like, not necessarily what you like yourself. 

We hope you will benefit from these in store display ideas and that they will grab the attention of your customers year round, even if you have to c change them up a bit to fit the season.


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