Important Signage For Retail Stores 

The types of signage in visual merchandising for retail customers, should reveal not only a store’s location and imperative aspects, but also the merchandise’s value. We want it to drive the business through visual interaction with our customers.

A business sign should improve our brand visibility, increase customer traffic, and help customers navigate our store. It helps make us ADA compliant and makes customer engagement much easier to initiate and cultivate. 

The Importance of Retail Signing

Business signage can be any type of graphic signage that we use to communicate a message to our target audience, which is our customers. While being the most effective method, it is also the least costly for small businesses. The signage meaning can be inclusive of anything, from outdoor signs placed in strategic locations, to electronic digital signage. 

Oftentimes, a business sign is the first interaction we have with customers. Therefore, it is imperative to make a great first impression.Whether it is put inside or outside the shop. Strategically placing signs for meaning can improve our brand recall. Driving customers to visit our business so we make sure to place our signs front and center. 

Signs are available in all shapes and sizes. When we place signs for meaning it should reveal a clear, concise message about our brand. 

Important Signage for Retail Stores

There are several types of signs that are very important for retail stores. They make us more effective at selling merchandise and driving customer engagement. 

Digital Signage

Digital signage displays video or multimedia content. Businesses use this type of signage to present advertisements or important information. It’s powered through a media player and we can manage the content on a content management system that’s onsite or through a cloud for fast and easy changes. 

This type of signage allows us to showcase our best products while providing great information. It also helps to simplify the sales process. Since it captures 400% more views than traditional signage, it has been a phenomenal addition to our toolkit. 

Outdoor Signage

One of the most important types of signs that we use in retail is the outdoor sign. This is what gets our customers in the door, which is the hardest part of starting a new relationship with a potential customer. 

Effective outdoor signs do more than just announce who a business is. They draw in customers who want something from that business. 

Exterior signage can include the store name or brand, pylon signs, window graphics, and deals. The best signs are large enough to read from a distance and are memorable. If we don’t put a face on our business, our sales will take a hit.

Promotional Signage

When we have a deal, we want to make sure our customers know about it. Promotional signing is also very persuasive. We want to use signs that draw the customer’s eye like clearance, one remaining, and buy now. 

This signage is ideal for drawing customers into a store toward the item that is featured. This is a great method for increasing our sales on items that we want to push out because of heavy stock.

Directional Signage

One of the best ways to help customers navigate a store is the installation of directional signing. Hanging signs with department names over the areas in the store has really helped our customers find their way around. Signs indicating the restrooms, dressing rooms, and customer service area increase customer satisfaction with their shopping experience.

Informational Signage

We use informational signage when we have more details to convey to our customers. We use this type of signing to provide our customers with all the information related to our membership program, rewards system, and where to find us on social media. 

This type of signage will bolster customer involvement in a store’s business. By making this information readily available to our customers, they are more likely to sign up for our programs, garnering us more business.

Branded Signing

Big-name brands will bring in the customers. This is why we feature signs from the most popular ones around our business. While it’s not our brand, it still supports our sales. Customers will know they can get their favorite products from us and return to our store time and time again.

Additionally, when we feature our own brand, it offers customers an image to associate with us. They are more likely to remember us and it’s our opportunity to create a positive association with our store. 

Health and Safety Signs

It’s important to remember health and safety signs in a store because of the way the pandemic has reshaped the world. By placing these signs strategically around the store, our customers know that we care about their health and safety in our store. Social distancing signs have been an excellent addition to our gamut of retail signage. 

ADA Compliant Signage

Making all customers feel welcome is important. This includes customers with disabilities. We must ensure that we offer accessibility through parking, entrances and exits, restrooms, elevators, fitting rooms, and checkouts, making the experience of disabled customers much more comfortable and enjoyable. Offering these services isn’t enough, which is why we use signs to show where they are.

These signs include Braille and are mounted at specific heights, usually 40 to 60 inches from the floor. Drawing attention to the accessibility options we offer makes all of our customers have an excellent experience with our store.


A versatile advertisement option that can be used is floormats. They serve our needs for safety and cleanliness but we have had excellent results with branding as well. 

Mats can be used to promote a store’s logo, for directional purposes where overhead signing is not an option, and to lead customers to sale items. 

These are relatively cost-effective options for us to continue our customer communication through signing. With the freedom to choose designs that pop, we attract our customers’ attention and draw them where we want them to go.

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